1. Q: When will the next chapter be out?
    A: When it’s done… If you want a better idea, the current status of a chapter is posted in our IRC channel topic.
    Here are the stages we usually go through:

    1. Cleaning – CF or Scanon takes the scans and makes blacks look black, whites look white, and greys look grey, and redraws graphic under text that will be replaced.
    2. TLC – ThunderCloud copies the live translation script from the archive to the Google Docs, formats the text for typesetting, ensures translation accuracy, messes with the phrasing, etc.
    3. Typeset – CleanerFag looks at google docs, uses his judgements on what sounds best if there are multiple suggestions for the same line and whether an sfx is worth typesetting (sfxes that are distracting, significantly covers up art, and/or not meaningful gets skipped), and letters text using pretty fonts. He uploads the proofs onto Dropbox when he’s done.
    4. Quality Check (initial) – ThunderCloud (usually) looks at the proofs and look for things like, missing sfx’es, typos, awkward phrasing, lining and add comments of things to fix to google docs.
    5. QC fix – CleanerFag goes through the QC comments, fixes stuff then re-upload onto dropbox.
    6. Final QC – Any staff available has a chance to go through it again before it gets pushed out.
    7. Release – CleanerFag (usually) pushes the chapter onto batoto and our website.

    We all have jobs / life / other hobbies that might interfere with the release schedule. But unless you’ve read otherwise on this site, we have not abandoned the project and a new chapter will be released, soon™.

  2. Q: Why are the scans X chapters behind the live TL?
    A: The live tl is a quick and dirty job for 4channers with little patience and want to immediately find out what’s going on. We love Boku Girl so we put a lot of time and effort into releasing a final product of a quality that this series deserves.

    We understand that the wait is difficult, but we ask for your patience and understanding.

20 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. Matul


    Just asking, if I were to buy Boku Girl manga on the links provided, will the book from all website be English-translated or certain web sells raw manga? Thanks! Have a nice day 🙂


    1. ThunderCloud Post author

      There is no official English licensed version of Boku Girl so the links provided will be Japanese.

  2. mmdts

    I’m wondering where you get your raws, if you don’t mind me asking. I’ve been learning Japanese and now I’m N3, reading a manga in raw (and having the TL’ed version beside me to be able to quickly check for words I do not know instead of haivng to use the dictionary) really helps me a lot.


    1. ThunderCloud Post author

      I don’t really have any good resources anymore, sorry.

      You can try senmanga for certain series, and sites like Nyaa for tank scan torrents. And then there are some website that posts mag scans like manga-zone.

  3. Mateen Arif

    Now the series is completed, is there any plan for taking other project or suggestion.

  4. fnh


    Thank you for hard work and efford to make a best releases. I want to ask do you have any plan for redoing previous chapters, scanlated into mag scan, to publicly released tanko raws? You know, there are some differencies between mag/tankos – not meaning bonus pages, but differiences in small graphical details.

    1. CleanerFag

      As far as things are going right now… I can’t see myself doing that, no, unfortunately.

      1. fnh

        Thanks for reply, anyway do you have any interesting for uploading .psd files for me, that I could start slowly redo mag chapters into tank raws. I need .psd files for layers of text – for faster redoing, you know what I mean.

  5. forever

    Are the Live TL threads prior to Chapter 70 hosted somewhere? Desustorage has nothing before that.

    Thank you for all your hard work on this excellent manga!

  6. name

    this might be a question you’ll want on your faq sooner rather than later, because you’ll probably get a ton of these when there’s an anime adaptation

    someone made a comiket catalog for comiket 89 and this masterpiece immediately caught my eye (WARNING: NSFW):

    Are you guys ever going to translate porn of boku girl? Or derivative works of whatever other manga you may end up working on.

  7. Caio

    The new chapters are posted every two weeks? Why there’s some sites that skiped the chapters 62-71? Do you know??

    1. ThunderCloud Post author

      We release in an irregular schedule and we have chapter 61 is the latest release from us.

      1. Noreshhh

        Hi! Thanks for quick rep. Batoto seems a little weird and it shows another group’s tl in different language (?) and seems like its the only on batoto dat do boku girl (?). Ik some manga hosting site have different tl group for one proj but its the only group. I cant figure where the heck is it on bnm.org and the only link i cant access is in the rss bar that slaps me in the face everytime i see the website. Again, i alr say this but sorry… Thanks thundercloud and our group….

  8. Boku girl fan

    I have a question, now that I know of the live translations and I can see when they will be done, I don’t know how the live translation works? Where can I see it on 18/07 9:00 pm? Will the translator post the dialogues in the form of comments to a personal group?

    1. ThunderCloud Post author

      Um… The live translation happen on an /a/ board of 4chan, a imageboard. It happens at irregular times, watch for announcements on site site in the sidebar. Look at the past live translation threads on the side bar for an idea of what it’s like.


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