>Implying we want your filthy money

Save your money and import Boku Girl.

Volumes 1 through 8 are on sale now! Sales links are on the sidebar~!


16 thoughts on “Donate

  1. XERW

    I’d like to buy the tanks but damn, shipping and foreign goods tax here is mind-boggling…

    …thanks for the online store link! 😀 there goes my $35~ never thought I’d shell out some $ for a digital goods though~

  2. Naii

    Bought 1-8 because of you guys. Can’t read Japanese, but couldn’t find an easier way to show support ^^

  3. SkitZoFrenic

    Hey, I realize you don’t want my “filthy money”…but I don’t really want a physical copy of this series sitting around. Is it alright if I donate money, then you go ahead and buy directly from the author yourselves or whatever? I would just like to help in some way…and throwing a few hundred bucks at a scanlation group seems like a good idea lol.

    1. CleanerFag

      Buying a volume straight from a distributor site such as Honto or YesAsia is the most direct way to help the author.

  4. Addicted

    lol. I was checking in here, tought it whould go faster if I donated. Still waiting for my fix *shakes violently*

    1. Aereus

      If you want to donate say, a nice round $30k USD each, sure. The three of us will quit our jobs and work on this full-time for the next year or so 😉

      1. anon

        By the way, did chapter 18 come out this previous week and we didn’t get livetrans/raw yet, or is it actually resuming next mon/tues/wed/whatever?


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