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CleanerFag seems to have given up. If anyone wants to take over cleaning / redrawing / typesetting, I’ll keep translating.

Let me know at -ThunderCloud

Disregard this, I suck cocks – CleanerFag

That’s right, we’re recruiting.

Scanon’s suuuuuuper busy, and I’m dealing with some real life problems at the moment. We are looking to recruit some experienced members.

We need a Cleaner-redrawer and a Typesetter. Please e-mail samples of past work to

We could also use a Japanese to English Translator. Please e-mail samples of past work to

Public Proofreading Initiative

Is English your first language? Do you have a strong grapse of grammar? Want to help improve the quality of Boku Girl releases?

Then why not give proofreading a try?

The goal is to make dialogs that flow naturally in English and suit the personality of the speaker, and correct any grammatical errors (Don’t worry about capitalization though).

Step 1 – Link on the link at the lower right corner.

Step 2 – Press this button to switch to list view.

Step 3 – Choose one of the chapters that are not being typeset yet (check out the topic of our irc channel for info on what’s being typeset. Generally, current release +2 chapters is safe).

Step 4 – Click the pop out button to get into the editing interface.

Step 5 – Now you can start making suggested changes or add comments (to add comments, highlight a passage or word then press the comment button on the toolbar)!
Please leave a note in the docs if you’d like to be credited.
WARNING: Whenever you make any changes, the name associated with your google profile will be made public.

Useful links:
Japanese Raws
Chinese Scans – for if you can read Chinese and want to want to double check our translation accuracy.
Translation guidelines – to find out what translation and proofreading is all about.

– This initiative may terminate at any time. (like, if we find a dedicated proofreader or if this turn out really horribly.)
– We may or may not listen to your suggestions.
– We may or may not remember to credit you for your contributions.

Limited Dakimakura Release!

I’m not so sure what it says, but it’s somewhat promising!

Translation: We’re planning to give away the hug pillow that will go on sale at the same time as volume 7 and the novel. The illustration will look something like this. Seems like there will be 10 winners! Good luck!
-TC on 2015-09-26

Delay ahead

Our cleaner Scanon is swamped with school projects and our raws for 58+ are low quality batch scans that will take quite a bit of efforts to clean. As a result, our progress for 58 is quite delayed.

If anyone is able to obtain scans from volume 7 tankoubon which comes out today, can rip the e-book for us, or can walk us through how to rip the e-book, please contact us ASAP.