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Chapter 55 LiveTL

Monday @ 9pm CDT. Habbenings, etc. MADD — Mizukis Against Drunk Driving, etc. Keep in mind Daylight Savings just went active for the US, so it may be an hour different for some. Also, Volume 5 release date has been announced — March 19th!


Chapter 52 LiveTL

I got all of the Kill out of my system on Friday and Saturday, so there should be no hiccups for tomorrow *crosses fingers* LiveTL for Monday Feb. 16th @ 9pm CST — got another fun one on our hands. And should also finally put to rest one stupidly persistent thing about Loki~


Chapter 51 LiveTL

Chapter51 LiveTL will be Wednesday Feb 11th @ 9pm CST! Loki is busy stirring a pot of Habbenings with a ladle of WRYYY in a pot made from Comedy Gold, then tipping it over while laughing maniacally…


What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been

Fear not, we have returned! … Even though we never left. Raw provider is apparently been on an extended vacation, because we haven’t heard from him since Xmas sooo… I dunno. In the meantime, I finally came across usable Chapter 49 raws for a liveTL! The good news, if there is any, is remember how I said the next issue wouldn’t be until Jan 18th? That means Chapter 50 just went on sale the other day, so we should still be good. (And I think the backup place I was tipped off to for raws should be good for the time being. Those phonecam raws for 49 had so much dialogue rolled into the page gutter, they were unusable.)

Live Translation tonight Sunday Jan 18th @ 9pm CST!

mizuki-waitress (MIMIT)

The Month Ahead

Just a heads up to everyone, that Young Jump only has 2 issues over the next month due to the holidays. Chapter 48 was in Issue 4-5 with a street date of Dec 25th. Issue 6-7 drops Jan 8th, and Issue 8 is then on Jan 22nd.

So don’t wait up this week, or the week of Jan 14th if you’re expecting a live translation. In lieu of that, hopefully we’ll be able to make some more headway on the scanlation backlog. I think at this point, that is mostly dependent on ThunderCloud finding time for his part in translation duties. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Scanon, all of the chapters up to current are now cleaned and awaiting typeset and final translated script!

As a parting note: This wonderful rakugaki from the author wishing everyone a Happy New Years!