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Chapter 41

Chapter 41 Released!

This chapter has actually been sitting in Dropbox for over a week and it doesn’t look like anyone else is going to do anything else to it. So here it is.

Up on Downloads page now. Batoto will probably take a bit to get approved.

Website Migration Completed (mostly)

Bandwidth limit increased from 20gb to 1tb! Hopefully, there’ll be less down time and pages will load a tiny bit faster. Still have quite a few things to configure, but things should mostly work. Please report any odd behaviours should you encounter any.

P.S. Chapter 37 soon™.

10% off everything at Honto

Want to buy yourself some boku girl for Christmas? There’s a 10% off coupon at Honto right now.

Valid: 2014/11/25 12:00:00~2014/11/30 23:59:59 (Japan time)
Applicable to: Everything (though if you’re buying digital, there are sometimes 30% off coupons)
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10% off HontoCheck out this guide on how to order from Honto and if you get stuck, leave a comment below and we’ll try to help you out.

Boku Girl Volume 2 is Now Available for Order!

On Honto at least.

See the links section on the right for product links. If you have difficulty ordering… Leave a comment and we’ll try to help!

Honto is having a bonus point campaign running concurrently with the comic sale (both end on the 22nd). IE: Any order subtotal over 5000yen (before shipping) nets you 900 bonus points off a future order.

Aereus: False start. Shueisha is apparently delaying initial shipments to all online retailers for Volume 2. My guess is, seeing the supply shortage with Volume 1, and unable to schedule extra printing for Volume 2 on such short notice; they prioritized shipments to bookstores where word of mouth/sales displays are far more important than online retail stock. I’ll keep you posted. PS: Double sales tempt my wallet… basically ends up being 35% off the $50 order~

Although I’m seeing some stock appears to be available now on Mangaoh, and CDjapan lists 5-7days wait when it said not available before, so I guess that means they have stock or its in transit I would guess. Hoping Honto gets their shit in stock then before the end of the sale.