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History and Current Staff

Someone posted raws of a certain manga on /a/, then people showed up to translate, clean, and typeset it. Eventually, /a/nons started demanding that the releases get posted on MangaUpdates, which requires a website, thus BokunoManga.org was born.

It started with two people, CleanerFag and ThunderCloud. It was later joined by Aereus, the live translator and Yosh– who is a native Japanese speaker. Later on, Scanon joined to offer her assistance as a cleaner.


We have only one project: Boku Girl.

Mission Statement

We are serious about our work and want the readers to have the best possible experience while reading genderbent trap manga. Which means:

  • Providing accurate translations that flows well in English.
  • Being receptive to feedback and suggestions.
  • Making sure things look as good as possible, especially the nipples.

Honorable Mentions:

Aereus – The person behind the Live Translation Threads on /a/. His scripts were revised for use in Chapters 20 to 53.

R-san – Responsible for Chapter 1’s double-spread’s bubble butt redraw. 10/10.

acTT – Living in Japan, provided us with raws from Chapters 11 to 47. MIA ;_;7

Translator-Fag – Assistance with some of the more complicated dialogue in various chapters.

[Anonymous] – Provided us with private, high quality raws for several chapters. Wished to remain anonymous.

KateMonster – A Boku Girl fan who decided to go out of her way to scan some chapters for us.

Purple – A member who provided help in translating the Boku Girl Novel. MIA

50 thoughts on “About

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  3. Centipede47

    Ummm hey guys , thx for all of your hard work up until now, but it’s taking way too long for the new chapter to come out , have you guys stopped translating this series?

  4. John Healey


    Would you be interested in buying/owning the domain name bokunomanga.com so you can redirect it to your website?

    Kind regards,

    John Healey
    Domain Name Broker

  5. Arima

    Hi guys sorry but I have a question I searched around the web before finding your website and apart from chapter 62 I saw chapter 72 or 71 translated I saw it in mangafox is it your job?

  6. Centipede47

    Hi I have a question is this manga translation going to continue until the end because I’m REALLY addicted to your work and this manga!!! Not being a kiss ass I mean it please do answer me.

    1. ThunderCloud Post author

      we’ve been doing it for almost two years, but there’s no guarantee in life.

      1. Subaru

        I really love this manga and appreciate the work you guys do. Will you guys finish this series?

  7. Usernamesareforchumps

    I appreciate all of the work you guys do, I keep tempting myself to stay away from all these raws, hopefully the series lasts long so we can all enjoy this community for much much longer!

  8. Concerned

    It’s a shame to see that yet another group has just disappeared into the wind with no traces. That pretty much leaves this manga dead to any hopeful english speaking readers. I know not why this group has vanished, and may never will. It’s so sad when these things happen.
    Thanks for the memories.

    A saddened admirer

      1. Blehg

        Ive never believed you guys disappear on us cuz if i did id seriously throw my manhwa-manga reading time away to learn jp. Idont understand jp so i dont even know if you yj has the raws on it but i know some external source by the thing called google. PLEASE i am saying this rite now and very considerate since even ppls has lives but i REALLY crave this seinen, so if you can pls speed things up a bit, raws r everywhere as i mentioned and you can always hang up recruits for volunteers and i do believe that some fans with tl experience might help out. Or you might collab with other tl groups to help, blah blah. Pls enjoy ur life too or u might end up being yanderedev lol. I really feels like you guys r doing solo project with multi identities so plz recruit if you have too. CRAVING :3

      2. Blehg

        So yea i dug out some information about your problems and i see that you guys wanna tl this series to the best. I guess thats good and more of the fans will be willing to support your tl group and the author. But i saw then, was work flood on some staffs. You guys should hang up some staff position recruit volunteer (with past work/experience in certain area of translation). That should improve the outcome very well and influent ppls more. Staff might as well have more times since all i see is work flood for college guys. Take it easy. ^^. Again, i love this series very much and thank you guys for hooking up the manga tling. To thundercloud the seemingly blogger (?) may you pick this up. Hope you guys the best ^^

  9. Caj

    Thanks a lot for all the hard work, everyone. I’ve been really enjoying the manga so far and just wanted to drop a line to say I appreciate what you’re all doing.

  10. Artimise

    Hi ya’ll, I’ll be in Japan for some time and was wondering if ya’ll still need a source for the RAW’s?

    1. ThunderCloud Post author

      Thanks for the offer! We’re still missing chapter 58-61. However, I highly doubt you’d still be able to find back issues of YJC. I think we have a source for the latest chapters. Let me ask the rest of the team.

  11. Zavyra

    Hey guys, i like to retranslate this awesome release to Bahasa Indonesia, is it possible?

    Thanks.. 🙂

      1. Zavyra

        Thanks guys 🙂

        And is it possible for me to get cleaned raw? But, if it’s not possible it’s okay.. 🙂

        And, thanks again.

        1. CleanerFag

          Sure, I’ll try to have it uploaded by the end of the week. Also, you should keep in mind that most of the earlier chapters are Chinese scans.

          1. ThunderCloud Post author

            And the rest of our chapters are magazine scans. There are public tank scans available that should not require too much cleaning and will probably look nicer.

  12. Koko

    I love this manga! I don’t want to offer myself as a TLC quite yet, but I’m a cleaner/qc who’d love to help out somehow. ;-;


    dude how about using raws from sen manga?or you guys didnt use it because it is in low quality?

    1. Aereus

      Use them for what? They’re too low res for scanlation, and too far behind to be of any use for liveTL either.

  14. jacuzzi

    Are you all interested in recruiting a proofreader? I’d be happy to help if so.

    1. ThunderCloud Post author

      Thank you for your interest, but we’ve decided to try to make do with our current numbers in order to keep our team lean and relatively efficient.

  15. Shinnokira

    Hey guys,
    great work you’re doing there. But I’m reading too fast (am done with one chapter faster than 2 weeks…) 😉
    So, since I’m also interested in learning about how to do all the work necessary for such perfect chapters °-°, I want to help you (since I just started learning japanese maybe I can do Cleaning or somewhat).

    It would be awesome if you accept my help (and help me learning how to “help”)!
    If you’re curious, just mail me (you can just mail me to the adress I gave).
    And even if you are not interested, please answer me


  16. Hayomi

    I just wanted to let you guys know I made a subreddit to this manga and I have been linking your chapters on batoto. Is that cool? And also great work you guys are doing, I just recently started reading this manga and like it a lot now, Thanks for that

  17. Alyss

    Hi, I don’t know where to post this but can I volunteer to help translate boku girl? I love the comic, and while translating it for myself to get ahead is nice, I would appreciate faster releases (so I figured an extra translator would be nice) and I would love to join the team!

    1. CleanerFag

      Thanks for the enthusiasm! We have TC and Aereus, who are pretty fluent; and Yosh, a native speaker. I’d say we have enough for now. 😀

  18. Zippy

    Do you guys have a relative timeline for translated, as in full translated chapters not the live TL’s, for each chapter drop. I remeber you saying you had to shuffle project members. Hence why it got off schedule. So I was wondering if you have a relative timeline now. Sorry I know this is hated question amongst TL groups but I thought I’d ask since again there was some reshuffling. I’ll be waiting patiently again in the mean time!

    1. ThunderCloud Post author

      Unfortunately, Aereus got busy and the restructuring didn’t quite work out. Hopefully our new translator Yosh sticks around and help offload some work.

  19. Yosh

    Hey guys. Great work so far. Boku girl is by far my favorite current series.

    Are you guys on irc? I would love to help out with TL checks, since I’m a native.
    Or is it exclusively on /a/?

    1. ThunderCloud Post author

      Yes, we hang out in #bokunomanga on irc.Rizon.net. Help with TLC would be fantastic!

  20. Brandon

    Well might not be a really great thing to Comment about but THANK YOU (all) for Translating and, “stuff” for Thus manga that your (all) doing such for. Thank you (all) thank you (all) thank you (all)… Not often i come across a manga I like that’s still being translated. Normally ends half way, or the supplier stops supplying the raws so they stop…
    Thank you (all) yet again for doing all the, “fun stuff,” that you (all) do, that most people are not willing to do or just can’t. Think i said it enough, but Thank you (all)!


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