Update 2

CleanerFag has gone dark. Which is okay. Life happens. I want to take this chance to say that I really appreciate the absolutely fantastic job he has done all this time.

If anyone wants to take up CleanerFag’s mantle of cleaning, redrawing, and typesetting, I’ll keep on translating. Please send me an e-mail at tc@tfwno.gf if you’re interested.

Otherwise, Boku Girl can be read to completion on sites like Mangaseeonline. Most of the chapters use speed translations by Aereus, which could be better, but isn’t terrible. And Japanese tank raws can be downloaded off nyaa.se.

3 thoughts on “Update 2

  1. Dudde

    I wanted to help but I kinda busy lately… Btw I am working as a Layout & Graphic Designer for 5 years now…

    I will join when this suck deadline ps over…


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