Immortal Hounds Chapter 30

I translated chapter 30 of Immortal Hounds and an anon typsetted it. Hopefully, it’ll remind people that this has been dropped and someone else will pick it up. Unfortunately, the name fixes for the script weren’t applied to the typeset version. Hope it’s not too confusing.

Wind Chime should be Windchime
Bitter Orange should be Citrus
ago-san should be Jawbreaker
Holly Olive should be Olive


Never read it before? Well check it out!

7 thoughts on “Immortal Hounds Chapter 30

    1. Kyosei

      There are still people hoping that Immortal Hounds will be picked up again. Myself included.

  1. Someone

    Aaaaaaand I’ve binge read all the chapters and am now also hoping someone picks up the series to start translating it.


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