Looks like some IRL problems have came up for CleanerFag. Unknown when the next release will be. D:

17 thoughts on “Update…

  1. Dudde

    Well, thanks for your nice work.. I was glad to know that ‘Boku Girl’ manga is exist and I really appreciate your work since the first chapter of ‘Boku Girl’.

    I will miss your nice work @ThunderCloud, @CleanerFag, @R-San and the people who might exist to help them out. Thank you very much, I will never forget for your hardworks till now…

  2. Anon

    well. thank you for work this manga before
    someone has done the works to ch 107 . and it’s over now
    you guys can get rest peacefully 😀
    no offense

  3. Mikoolo

    I am willing to for the first time ever donate to a translation group if you guys ever start translating Boku Girl again.

  4. Robert

    I’m gonna wait as long as needed, the stuff y’all do is really good quality with the typesetting and re-draws at points. But seriously, if y’all need any help just let us know. We are here for you and are willing to help in any way possible.

    Hope things get figured out.

  5. fluke

    Lol, these people. It is like they are paying a subscription service. Do ask for help if it is needed as there are many ex editors etc out there that know how to edit and do redraws etc. Translators seem to be the weak link in most groups but it sounds like there are translations out there.

  6. Harakirishun

    I really appreciate your good work, but yeah it’s december dude and you still didn’t publish 1 new chapter yet… If just I can understand Japanese, I would like to help this project… You know, the 3rd & 4th book is already arrives this morning… So happy and ai think I would buy the next 5th in January.

  7. Nehriim

    guys, ehm. i can clean for you. i really wanna do it even. i know more people that would help me. ;-; just please, let me help to speed up the progress.

  8. Zero

    Thanks for your continuing work on translating this series, it’s now one of my favorites. I want to support the author and you have links to buying it but I can’t read Japanese so it kind of feels pointless to buy because the translations are already there. Do you think it will ever get an official English release? It’s published through shueisha so VIZ media would be the ones to publish it in English. The problem is that there’s no real way to request liscensing for a certain manga from companies like VIZ or Yen Press, they just liscense whatever they think will sell the best.

    1. Zero

      If it doesn’t get an official release, I’ll just buy the Japanese ones and download the translations, it’s just that good.

      1. Kimio

        Funny enough, I bought all the Manga’s despite not being able to understand Japanese. I want to learn, however, I loved the series so much that I felt it necessary to show that support buy legitimately buying the books.

        That said, I really wish I had the skills to help this project. Here’s to hoping the BNM team opens up some slots to those who are offering to help. Really tough to keep up with stuff like this I’m sure.


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