Chapter 78 Released!

Go to the Batoto!

NOTE: This chapter has not been proofread by ThunderCloud. Yet.

There will be no download available until then.

Currently working on character pages. Will be available soon.

19 thoughts on “Chapter 78 Released!

  1. pp

    I don’t know you guys feel about me postibg this here, but this is antsy people that can’t wait. Now I’m only waiting for the last few chapters!

  2. TheStrongest

    I’ve read till chapter 87 in spanish and at chapter 86 there will be something very exciting for people that can’t wait for some “skinship” between Takeru and Mizuki

  3. DrBlock42

    I love this manga so much!
    Is there is any way to help you out, I’d be happy to do so 🙂

  4. Izaya

    That cliffhanger … I can’t wait for more!!!
    Thank you very much for the chapter …
    … I WANT MORE NOW!!!! O_O

  5. Kayttäjä

    Thanks!! Really appreciate the work you do. Can’t wait to see rest of the manga translated!

  6. ThunderCloud

    I won’t know it’s ready for proofread if you don’t tag me on trello :V

  7. Kaffie

    About time! I’ve been looking forward to this so much. And now I can’t wait for the next chapter. Why you do dis? Is there any schedule so I don’t have to keep frantically checking?

  8. Sokow

    Thank you so much for this new chapter! Do you have a schedule planned for the next release?
    Still, thanks a lot for the update!

  9. PoiPoi

    So… You guys planned this hiatus all along eh?
    The chapter title “My Return” XD

    LOL JK, Welcome back and Thank You!!


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