14 thoughts on “Chapter 77 Released!

  1. Sean

    Thanks. And I hope you got a new translator since it seems Aereus went to the 1’000,000 hour store in Mars.

  2. azuela cove davao

    Rather portion of articles. I merely became aware of your own web site along with accession funds to talk about which i attain really appreciated bill a person’s blog page discussions. In whatever way I’m going to be subscribing to the provides nourishment to as well as My partner and i accomplishment a person entry consistently fast azuela cove davao.

  3. Umbreon

    Why do you do this to me x.x
    those mangakas that loves to play with ppls feels x.x
    I wanna know what happened x.x
    what is that sound at page 16?

  4. Sid

    It’s been a while since the last chapter, but despite of it ,thank you guys for the release

  5. Blub

    Words on a page can’t describe how much of a kick to the nuts that ending was, especially considering the length of time between chapters coming out nowadays.

  6. Viper

    Once again I can never thank your groups hard work and dedicated to this excellent manga enough, but thank you guys once again ^_^


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