10 thoughts on “Chapter 76 Released!

  1. mikasax23

    When will you release more Boku Girl chapters?Also Desu Storage is down BTW.Still,thanks a lot for the new chapter. 🙂

  2. A can of tea

    Thanks. I hope you’ll continue your good work so that we can read all chapters one time.

  3. ThyBrotagonist

    I love you guys. Seriously. You dudes have been doing gods work, I’m actually going to purchase the Japanese tanks next time I get paid because I love the author. I won’t be able to read them, but if I can continue to get the translation with you guys I’ll just come back and read your guys’ contributions. Seriously, don’t stop your work, I am so on board with your dudes shite. Cheers mofukkas, keep the love comin.

  4. Viper

    Thanks once again guys your groups hard work and dedication is much appreciated ^_^


    I’d imagine they’re becoming more infrequent because you might be losing interest

    Same thing happened with nyotai ka

    1. Aichi

      somehow, i think the same with you.
      or they having some business in real life , we can’t do anything ’bout that, and keep waiting ~


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