16 thoughts on “Chapter 73 Released!

  1. HayatoShujin

    Hello, only a question i have, would you gonna do the nexts chapters? i hope you so… sorry my english it’s pretty bad Dx there are like 30 chapters raw and i hope you can translate, and i really wanna help you but i can’t read japanese (well more exactly translated [i can read hiragana/katakana only Dx]) damn… trust me if i were be rich, i pay you for everything, for read your chapters, for other mangas would you like (obviously for fans too)… I wish you can do it… and thanks for your works

    1. Viper

      As I said on the last chapters release page this group is really good, if they decide to stop translating they will say so on this site. Otherwise they will release new chapters once they get ahold of good quality scans and everyone in the group’s real life allows them the time needed to do the transition and cleaning. They normally realese one chapter per week but lately ores been one every 2-3 weeks so be patient and give them time and we will get great quality translations ^_^

  2. MattStyles

    I never left any comments before, but I love that series and it makes me laugh so hard that I felt like should show some gratitude. So I just wanna say that I really appreciate your work. Thank you and keep it up 😀

  3. bluefairy1

    Already got my flu-shot! 🙂 Health care worker woop woop woop 😀 By the way thanks, Cleaner. You and everyone else at boku girl is awesome. I’m aching for more live translations but I’ll be patient. 😮 Love you guys! 🙂 <3<3<3


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