Public Proofreading Initiative

Is English your first language? Do you have a strong grapse of grammar? Want to help improve the quality of Boku Girl releases?

Then why not give proofreading a try?

The goal is to make dialogs that flow naturally in English and suit the personality of the speaker, and correct any grammatical errors (Don’t worry about capitalization though).

Step 1 – Link on the link at the lower right corner.

Step 2 – Press this button to switch to list view.

Step 3 – Choose one of the chapters that are not being typeset yet (check out the topic of our irc channel for info on what’s being typeset. Generally, current release +2 chapters is safe).

Step 4 – Click the pop out button to get into the editing interface.

Step 5 – Now you can start making suggested changes or add comments (to add comments, highlight a passage or word then press the comment button on the toolbar)!
Please leave a note in the docs if you’d like to be credited.
WARNING: Whenever you make any changes, the name associated with your google profile will be made public.

Useful links:
Japanese Raws
Chinese Scans – for if you can read Chinese and want to want to double check our translation accuracy.
Translation guidelines – to find out what translation and proofreading is all about.

– This initiative may terminate at any time. (like, if we find a dedicated proofreader or if this turn out really horribly.)
– We may or may not listen to your suggestions.
– We may or may not remember to credit you for your contributions.

6 thoughts on “Public Proofreading Initiative

  1. Nicholas

    This is a great idea, as a reader I feel like I don’t appreciate you guys enough, so by being able to help out, even if it’s only spelling errors that would be fixed anyway, I feel like I’m doing something ^_^. Speaking of which, I would offer to help translations, but I’m god awful at kanji, would you happen to know site that can help me with my kanji for free?

    1. ThunderCloud Post author

      Thank you for your contribution! Please leave a note in the docs if you’d like to be credited.


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