Chapter 66 Live TL

What mortal dangers await Mizuki in the girls dorm?! Tune in @ Monday (Today) 10pm CDT and find out what shenanigans await!

What emotion is this expression trying to convey?

What emotion is this expression trying to convey?

5 thoughts on “Chapter 66 Live TL

  1. Viper

    Just a heads up some random group has done a horrible thing and released chapter 49-50 I didn’t read it once I saw it wasn’t your release, there cleaning was bad. Anyway keep up the good work I’m looking forward to reading them once you release them

  2. Lulu

    The Archive seems to be having some issues. Site owner said to expect some things to be broken for a few days while they fix some things on the twitter.

  3. TakahashiFan

    surprise and fear; fear and surprise are the weapons of the spanish inquisition

  4. Blue

    Ohmigawd….. Mizuki!!! >_< I can't wait to see her adorable cuteness! 😀 Thanks so much Aereus you're the best~! <3


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