Chapter 64 LiveTL

LiveTL will “memorialize” Mizuki as the puffiest? @ 9pm CDT Monday May 25th. We’re almost to the new semester and Mizuki’s “surprise” dorm change from Dadzuki!

Otosama ‏@OtosamaLeong

Otosama ‏@OtosamaLeong

5 thoughts on “Chapter 64 LiveTL

  1. Zippy

    Hmmm so non Live TL followers are now officially 20 chapters behind? woo! Well at least we know you got the raws so eventually we’ll catch up. I hope.

    1. Aereus Post author

      I posted about it from my laptop where I didn’t have the site login saved, but it seems the other staff have been negligent with approving comments lately, so it didn’t appear before I got home after the translation happened.


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