Chapter 58 LiveTL – SoftnessWatch

EDIT: Time updated! Back to the usual timeslot Monday April 6th @ 9pm CDT. 11pm CDT. I’ll then be gone for the next 2 or 3 LiveTLs as I’ll be in Moonland stuffing a suitcase full of manga and other merch. I spoke with ThunderCloud about doing the LiveTLs in my stead, but he similarly works a lot of nights, so we’ll see. If anyone competent wishes to step forward and volunteer to fill in, stop in on IRC. I’ll inquire during the LiveTL as well. No “From Chinese scans” or “I’ve taken a year of Japanese in high school, I can do it!” stuff please.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 58 LiveTL – SoftnessWatch

  1. BigFan

    Aereus is going to moonlqnd but hopefully live Tls will srill continue we all love this manga 😀


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